Will the crisis stop travel ? The survey clearly says no !

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  • 31.3.2009
  • Michal Veber
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Recently completed survey of the Association of Czech Travel Agents clearly showed that even in times of global crisis the Czechs have no forgive their main holidays. Relaxation is the need for all of us.

The survey has been completed in period of late January up to mid of March, 2009 and clearly showed that even in times of global crisis, one main vacation for Czechs is absolutely necessary. Only 8 percent of all respondents stated, they are not going to travel this year as they has been hit by global crisis or they can not afford to leave. In this group are mainly those over 50 years of age and some families.

The other 92 percent of respondents are preparing to travel, even though they know about the global crisis and in some cases with the effect of personal experience with it. All respondents agree that once a year more rest is necessary to them and the length of stay abroad they plan is over 8 days.

For those who plan to travel is least group of those, who are going to invest into their travel less finances than last year. Of these 17 percent around 10 percent of respondents in addition states that the target of their holidays will be in Czech Republic. The rest will replace luxurious destinations for those less luxurious, but financially accessible.

Group of 44 percent respondents, which constitutes 78 percent of families, going as well as last year to use a travel agents for the purchase of accommodation or programs and manage transportation by theirself or they are going to buy through travel agents their usual air package tours. For own transportation is the most cited target Croatia and North Italy, air transport package tours it is Greece and Greek Islands, Cyprus, South Italy and Spain, and the exotic destinations as Tunisia and Egypt.

The big surprise for "lovers of the crisis" can be a finding that 31 percent of people intends to spend even more money to buy main season travel compared to previous year, when the crisis in the main tourist season did not appeared yet. In this category there is the most singles and young people up to 30 years of age. Exotic destinations lead the chart of travelled destinations, while 65 percent of respondents is about to visit another country or other place than last year.

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